Are you aware of these new features in the latest release? They’re great!

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In case you haven’t already heard, CaseWare SMSF Audit 3.0 was released towards the end of July, and boy are we proud of it!

Hundreds of man (and woman!) hours went into the development of this milestone release, as it marked the introduction of 3 significant new features to SMSF Audit:

  • 2016 template
  • Carry Forward
  • Firm Settings

Despite only a few weeks since its release, I have already received some great feedback from people using these new features. For those of you who haven’t heard about them, read on…

2016 Template

We have worked closely with our content provider Sharlene Anderson (Director at Veritas Corp, registered company and SMSF auditor) and her team again this year to produce our 2016 template.

As there have been no significant changes in legislation or requirements this year, we have taken the opportunity to focus on refining our existing content to ensure that it is as efficient as possible for auditors to work through. This saw us refine checklists like 110 Governing Rules and 130 Audit Strategy and Planning, to better present the procedures and reduce the number of sign offs required.

Carry Forward

This new technology offers significant efficiency gains in year 2, by allowing auditors to carry forward sign offs, notes, documents and tailoring decisions made in the previous year. Refer to our Key Features page for more detail on this powerful feature.

Firm Settings

This functionality allows firms to customise elements of SMSF Audit at the template level, to suit their own methodology and audit approach – for more information on this and the options available under Firm Settings, please refer our Firm Settings Fact Sheet.

These 3 features have significantly enhanced SMSF Audit, and I feel that there are now even more efficiencies to be gained from using our solution. So if you are an SMSF Auditor, I encourage you to attend one of my upcoming interactive webinars where I will walk you through SMSF Audit and answer any question you may have – register for one of these product presentations here.

As for what we are working on now, all I can say is there are some very exciting features in development – I look forward to sharing more about these with you soon!







Sarah Butler
Product Manager – SMSF Audit

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