Press Release: CaseWare Cloud Analytics™ Launched in Australia

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CaseWare Cloud Analytics

CaseWare Australia & New Zealand launches CaseWare Cloud Analytics™ and tackles Big Data

Melbourne (November 30, 2017) To utilise new technology such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that will ‘disrupt‘ future audits, CaseWare has released  CaseWare Cloud Analytics™.

Showcased at the recent CaseWare customer conferences in Melbourne and Sydney, CaseWare Cloud Analytics™ provides auditors with the ability to import and visualise data, and interpret and test results, at a granular level. Auditors are able to leverage almost 200 data tests with ‘point and click’ ease, uncover anomalies, and identify hidden patterns and correlations. Results are presented in graphs and similar visual formats, allowing auditors to focus on flagged errors, potential anomalies and high-risk areas.

CaseWare Australia & New Zealand CEO Craig Waldon and his team have been working with selected clients over the last few months beta testing the product. “Our customers are genuinely excited about the potential of this product. One particular beta tester almost immediately started data testing as part of their audit methodology and was really impressed with insights provided by the product.”

Enthused by the possibilities of new technologies and their positive impact on the auditing and accounting industries, CaseWare International CEO Dwight Wainman, is certain audit quality and efficiency will continue to improve. Mr Wainman predicts future product releases utilising new technologies and improved versions of these products will allow auditors and accountants to shift focus from their more mundane tasks to more strategic functions, providing better business value for their clients, while maintaining audit quality, and increasing engagement efficiencies.

Lyn Pollock, Marketing Manager

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