What do our current customers think about us & our software?

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As part of our customers registering to attend our free customer conferences held in November in both Melbourne & Sydney, they were invited to state what they thought about Us & our CaseWare software and templates. Enjoy our short video with their comments, or simply read them below.

“Your team is always on hand and happy to assist with technical issues big or small. The software is a complete package encompassing audit programs, comprehensive general ledger and mapping structure with leadsheets, financial reporting in accordance with accounting standards”.

Caseware is the fundamental product to use for auditors. It helps me to ensure I comply with Auditing standards and AASB when I draft financials. User-friendly product and as a bonus, CaseWare staff are friendly and helpful. Always easy to obtain technical support whenever I need it. Great product and service offering! Keep up the good work.”

CaseWare remains the most comprehensive audit and financial reporting tool for firms that do not have the resources to build their own audit software. In some instances, CaseWare is a better product than those built in-house! Furthermore, the financial reporting product enables a seamless workflow and allows for efficiencies when providing audit and financial statement preparation services to clients.”

Super easy for our junior staff to use, automation of the audit process – and updating financial reports is very easy (especially when the client updates their balances)”

Accessibility – to product and your staff”

Collaboration with colleagues on the same file, at the same time from different locations

“The introduction of CaseWare on the Cloud. CaseWare Financials module

“Innovation and responsiveness to feedback.Having worked with the team for years, my suggestions or feedback were always taken on-board and I would usually receive a response whether something was not possible or if we could work towards it. As a result, it’s a product that considers the needs of the auditor”.

“I am a first time user of CaseWare Financials to create my Stat reports. This is a great package with excellent support centre to help you gain hands-on knowledge with the user-friendly software. I recommend highly to all my network to try the product”.

“2 things:1) I love Financial IFRS – Has saved us so much time since we began utilisation 3 years ago 2) CaseWare Cloud – File sync is god-sent. Having to make return trips to office for the menial task of checking in a CaseWare file was inefficient.”

“The Great Support team and excellent customer service”
“Your quick and helpful phone support system.”
“We have found CaseWare support service to be very useful.”
“The CaseWare people”

Thanks to everyone for their kind and supportive comments!