5 Steps to Optimising Your CaseWare Investment

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  • Are you maximising your CaseWare investment? 
  • What would be the impact of your CaseWare champion leaving your business? 

Nurturing knowledge in your team is key to realising the full value of your CaseWare technology. Customers tell us one of the biggest challenges they face in gaining the most out of their CaseWare technology is maintaining their knowledge bank, including keeping up with recent improvements in software functionality.

Customers invest in CaseWare solutions because they see the benefits. Increased efficiency, compliance and client satisfaction are compelling reasons for adopting technology that provides competitive advantage. However, when the internal CaseWare champion leaves or shifts focus within the business, there is an immediate threat to benefit realisation. 

Implement these five steps to optimise your CaseWare investment and protect against threats that can diminish your ROI: 

  1. Appoint a Champion who is responsible for nurturing & growing CaseWare technical knowledge in your business.
  2. Ensure more than one person is trained and equipped with the knowledge to operate CaseWare effectively.
  3. Connect with CaseWare Training & News updates to stay on top of emerging developments.
  4. Include CaseWare technical expertise in your annual skills audit or staff development reviews.
  5. Take advantage of refresher courses, webinar events and online resources on offer, to stay current. 

Nurture your CaseWare knowledge and be confident your business is gaining the most from your investment.

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