CaseWare Efficiency Features – View or Restore Previous Versions (using SmartSync)

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Audit Template Efficient

It is common knowledge that we only use a fraction of the capacity of the software we have installed on our computers. Right now we are seeing some of our customers bucking this trend and utilising a feature in the software to safely and quickly recover a previous version of a file or document in their audit file if there is an error or someone has incorrectly modified it.

You can do this as well. If you are using the latest version of CaseWare Working Papers with our SmartSync technology, you can quickly view and, if needed, easily restore an earlier version of a file or document within your audit engagement.

For more information on this feature, have a look at our Knowledge Base article. If you need any further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team.

At this time of the year, quick tips like this can make a real difference.

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