What Our Customers Thought of Our 2019 Conference

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We’d like to thank all 80 of our customers for attending our 2019 Conference, as well as the 40 who attended online via webcast. We hope you enjoyed it!

If you were unable to attend, please find all the webinar audio recordings here.

Overall, the vibe throughout the day was very positive with many insightful discussions taking place. We hope that you got as much out of the day as we did. We see this event as extremely valuable, to not only show what we’ve been working on but to chat face to face and understand how our customers operate. It also gives everyone an opportunity to network and discuss their thoughts and ideas about CaseWare and the audit industry as a whole.

Thanks to everyone who filled out their conference feedback on menti.com, we’ve taken every piece of feedback on board. Here are some key insights.

Overall Conference

It is evident that the focus on simply Audit was appreciated, we will maintain this focus next year. It gave the event a clear purpose and allowed for more specialised presentations.

Popular sessions

Clearly, the more practical and technical sessions were the most popular. This was also supported in many of the comments for next years’ suggestions. We will endeavour to have more of these sessions next year with potentially some hands-on demos. The expert panel also had some very intelligent, insightful and at times, conflicting opinions which made for entertaining discussions. We appreciated the support from the AUASB as Tim Austin gave a very informative presentation about how the AUASB is developing standards to cope with advancements in technology.

Interstate attendees

We had 24 interstate attendees from almost every state and territory in Australia, as well as Laura all the way from Fiji! Having so many people from widespread backgrounds resulted in inclusive and thought-provoking discourse. Next year we will, potentially, be having our main conference in Sydney with the possibility for functions in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Other Feedback of Interest
  • Having the webcast was appreciated and we will utilise this technology next year, ensuring we have a better camera and stream quality.
  • The facility had a few challenges and we’ll ensure to alleviate any issues around technology, audio and speaker viewability next year.
  • Allowing more time for questions and answers from the panellists is also something that we will improve on.
Here’s some direct feedback from our wonderful customers

“I got really good value from the sessions and the networking – I was really impressed by the quality of the speakers and the content, all presented very professionally.” Peter
“Really useful agenda.” Hazel
“This was my first conference and I enjoyed it a lot.” Donna
“Really enjoyed it. I was waiting for the last session and was very happy.” David
“Overall, I enjoyed the conference.” Darren
“Thought it was pretty good, well planned sessions and informative.” Laura

Thanks again to all of those involved. If you have any other feedback or suggestions for our 2020 Customer Conference, please send them to marketing@caseware.com.au.