Q&A: What do you love about Agile Audit? An Ex-Audit Associate’s Perspective

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Love Agile Audit Information CaseWare A&NZ

This interview was conducted with one of our newest team members of the Customer Service team at CaseWare Australia & New Zealand, Nahida Velona.

Q: Nahida, what excites you about the newest Cloud application that CaseWare has written for Australian audits?
A: I think Agile Audit is a great innovative product which will assist in creating timely and quality audits. As someone who mostly dabbled in paper-based audit testing and processes in a previous life, I am excited about how Agile Audit helps automate the Audit process and provides an easy workflow to getting the audit completed.

Q: What is the most helpful aspect of Agile Audit, especially in the current working environment?
A: Agile Audit is completely cloud based, and this should really appeal to many auditors. I remember the good old days of carrying my heavy client files, which contained all of my testing workpapers, client documentation and audit evidence to the client office to complete my audit work. However, with Agile Audit there is much less paperwork involved. I found manual processes to be quite burdensome, and with Agile all I would need is an internet connection to start my work which would help increase productivity and efficiency. This aspect is really helpful for anyone working remotely.

Q: What else does Agile Audit bring to the table to assist with conducting an efficient audit?
A: I am sure all auditors can relate to how difficult it could be to request audit evidence and information from clients sometimes. As an Audit Associate, I have requested information from clients over email, in-person and over the phone and there has been many a time when I received a horde of emails with information from clients. I was even given photocopies of the information requested in person! This made it quite difficult for me to keep track of information I was being sent. I would have to trawl through my inbox looking for a particular piece of information that a client had sent. Sometimes, you work on multiple audits at the same time, which makes this process even more complex and prone to errors. Agile Audit has made it so much simpler for auditors to request information from clients with a very nifty feature called the ‘Request for Information’. Auditors can use this secure collaborative tool to request information from their clients. This feature not only ensures that all information sent to auditors remains secure and confidential, but also helps maintain a clean audit trail and it is all done within the engagement files and client access portal. No more overflowing, potentially insecure email inbox!

Q: What other challenges does Agile Audit assist with?
A: I am really excited about the sampling selection feature. Agile Audit has the ability to import transactions such as general ledgers and the transaction listing. This feature makes detailed testing so much easier! All auditors would need to do is choose the sampling method they would like to use and specify their sampling size parameters. Agile Audit then generates the samples based on the parameters, which can then be exported to Excel for future reference or discussion. Auditors can bypass the need to sort their transactions in Excel and highlight their material transactions manually by using the Sampling selector in Agile Audit thus saving a lot of time!

Q: So, in summary, why would you recommend Agile Audit?
A: Overall, I think Agile Audit is an innovative and flexible software that streamlines audit processes and promotes quality audits. There are references to the appropriate ASA standards in each document so that compliance to those standards could be ensured. I am sure many of our customers will be able to embrace the technological benefits of using Agile Audit to complete financial audits more efficiently than ever before, even working remotely!


About Nahida:
My first job as a fresh graduate when I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance was as an Audit Associate for a large well-known Audit and Financial services firm. It was a great learning experience, and I have not only assisted in many audits, but have also completed smaller sized audits on my own. This work experience, along with undertaking Audit related study modules during my Bachelors and Masters degrees have given me a solid understanding of financial auditing which helps enormously with my work in the Customer Service team at CaseWare Australia & New Zealand.