Our Story

Quality Software & Support for
Auditors & Accountants

The leading provider of compliant, innovative audit, financial statement and data analytics solutions for over 25 years.

We have an Australian office which customises and supports audit, accounting and analytics products for our local markets.

Our history of excellent local customer service, and delivery of quality, relevant and compliant software has seen us grow from a 2 person firm to our geographically spread and culturally diverse workforce still supporting our customers, some of which are celebrating relationships of 20+ years with us.

Now, as part of Caseware International, we produce & support a stream of successful product improvements, innovations, adaptations, and extensions compliant with Australian accounting & auditing standards and company legislation requirements for both desktop and cloud environments.

We are committed to providing an update of our templates suitable for the Australian and New Zealand market on an annual basis, supported by relevant training options, our FAQ site and our experienced technical and support personnel, most of whom are based right here in Australia.

Member of:


The company was founded with a desire to provide Big 4 technology to smaller audit firms in Australia & New Zealand, and begins selling Caseware Working Papers. The start of the journey to becoming the leading supplier of auditing software in Australia and New Zealand.


First annual Caseware ‘Looking Forward’ Customer Conferences with presentations in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney with a keynote speech by Dwight Wainman, President, Caseware International. Highly regarded, these have continued every year since with Dwight visiting Australia and delivering the keynote at all of them.


To meet new Clarity Audit Standards, a brand new Caseware Working Papers + Audit System release brought together audit methodology and content into a powerful, compliant, all-in-one solution for audit firms in Australia and New Zealand.


Introduction of Caseware Cloud to the Australian and New Zealand Market – collaboration and engagement management features in a secure, Australian based solution to assist with efficient teamwork and audit workflows.


Launch of a fully online SMSF Audit solution in Australia. This was the first full Cloud App developed for the Caseware Cloud in the world.


Caseware Australia & New Zealand celebrates 20 successful years in business.


Founder and Chairman, Solly Lew, retires from day-to-day management but maintains an active role as Chairman of the Board of Directors, continuing to contribute to the direction and success of the business.


Caseware IDEA incorporated as part of the product range providing customers with one place to source all their Caseware audit, financials and data analytics software solutions.


Released Caseware Agile Audit, a fully online, full featured audit solution for Australia and New Zealand external auditors.


Purchased by Caseware International, we now work even more closely with the developers and strategists at headquarters, representing the innovations required for Australia and the Pacific region.