Our Team

Introducing the Caseware Team

Working remotely, but still delivering quality software & service!

Established locally in Australia in 1995, Caseware has been working in and around the audit industry for almost 30 years. We’ve got a reputation for industry compliant, quality software and great service and our team works closely to deliver on our values and service to continue to enhance serving the needs of professional accountants and auditors.

The Directors

Caseware Australia Directors include Craig Waldon, General Manager & Justin Dobbyn, Operations.

Justin Dobbyn

Director & Operations Manager

Customer Service Team

This is a multi-talented and cross-skilled team, as they all answer customer technical queries as well as often conduct our online training courses. And, when the development team need some more resources, they also help out with technical product development tasks. If you contact our Customer Service team (+61 3 9660 4688 or via email support@caseware.com.au) you’ll end up speaking to one of these beautiful people.

David Stansell

Customer Service Manager

Kriti Tiwari

Customer Service Technical Consultant

Nahida Velona

Customer Service Technical Consultant

Matt Thomas

Customer Service Technical Consultant

Mia Bray-Butler

Customer Service Technical Consultant

Product Managers & Developers

This team works diligently to ensure that product compliance and usability are included in any updates to software or new products that emerge from these talented individuals. Most of these characters have been working for Caseware Australia & New Zealand for a significant number of years – almost due, or long past, a long service leave anniversary!

Sarah Butler

Head of Product

Andreas Ong

Head of Development

Tim Lew

Product Manager, Audit System

Joe Nagy

Product Owner, Financials

Pauline Laidlaw

Product Manager, Analytics

George Pinto


Gowtham Raghavendran

Technical Consultant

Chloe Hernandez

Junior Developer

Business Development & Administration

If you’ve got a non-technical query or issue, these are the people that will be on the other end of the telephone, or answering your email! Fabulous customer service is the name of the game for this group!

Steve Taylor

Head of Business Development

Stephen Lew

Business Development Manager

Betty Tatterson

Account Manager

Nataly Bedier

Account Manager

Denise Michel

Training Manager & Account Manager

Robyn Collins

Administration Manager

Jasper Clifford-Smith

Sales Consultant