Our Values

Innovative software to
assist your business to get ahead

We’re here to help

At Caseware, we’re committed to helping all of our customers be more competitive and to better manage their business which are subject to ever increasing regulation and scrutiny.

We’re 100% behind our products and we’ve got superb software for accounting, audit, risk and business services professionals in the external audit & accounting sector, corporate finance and accounting world and government agencies.


We ensure all the compliance and legislative guidance relevant to our marketplace for audit & financial reporting considerations are available in relevant products, in time for practical use.

As part of this process, we actively seek to engage with the industry’s professional bodies and standard setters and contract with subject experts to ensure we continue to update the software with the latest requirements and best practice interpretation.

Excellent Customer Service

We stand 100% behind our products – writing software specifically for the market, training how to use it effectively, providing value with extra webinars, videos and blogs and supporting it locally.

Our local support service levels include the ability to talk directly to our support personnel and get a resolution as soon as practicable. We also get our developers involved if a resolution can’t be found within 12 working hours, and escalate to the developers at Caseware International when necessary to get your software working.

Innovative Software

We’ll keep up with all the new technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Cloud and include these in products where it makes sense to do so and adds to the effectiveness of the software and its use in your business. 

In conjunction with Caseware International, we’ll assist with evaluating emerging tech and the latest best practice recommendations too, including it when it can enhance how you get things done.

Experience in the Market

Caseware Australia have been in existence in Australia for over 25 years and are the leading suppliers of audit software to Australian auditors. We’ve engaged with the industry during that time, providing knowledge leadership and supporting our customers on their audit business journey.

Efficiency – Quality – Value

EQV (Efficiency, Quality, Value) is the premise for all our software product offerings. We work to ensure that our software provides efficiencies to your business and current ways of working, while enhancing the quality of your outcomes and increasing the value you can supply to your clients.