Agile Audit Webinar Questions and Answers

Following the webinar, we had a large number of questions regarding the product. We will continue to update this page as we answer all of your questions. We have categorised the questions into topics.

If you have a specific question or require any further information, please contact your account manager at


Can we download files for archiving purposes?

Agile Audit files can be locked down once an engagement has been completed, and a PDF copy of the entire file can also be exported, if required.

Cloud & Security

Can we log on to the CaseWare Cloud from any laptop or device?

Yes, CaseWare Cloud and Agile Audit is accessible on any internet-enabled device, although due to the amount of information displayed on screens, we recommend a larger device (eg. tablet) for ease of use.


Will CaseWare Connector functionality be carried forward/available under this new cloud product?

This functionality is not yet included in Agile Audit. It is on the roadmap and will be developed in due course


Can this program set up a consolidation file with multiple subsidiary company and trial balances?

Yes, version 1 of Agile Audit supports small to simple mid-size consolidations. For more complex consolidations, we recommend using CaseWare Working Papers and the Audit System template at the moment. There are plans to enhance the consolidation technology in Agile Audit in future versions.

Customising Agile

Can we create a number of templates? For each type of audit i.e. Not for profit, Large Pty etc.

Customisation or adding firm specific content (eg. industry specific checklists, entity type workpapers etc) is possible using the Firm Settings funtionality and the smart procedures technology within Agile Audit.

External Workpapers

When opening external workpapers eg excel or word will it open in browser or in the app?

External workpapers and documents in all common formats (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, jpg, etc.) can be dragged and dropped into an Agile Audit engagement file, and then referenced using the annotation feature. Once saved into the engagement file, PDFs will open within Agile Audit and allow annotations to be made directly onto the document. Word & Excel documents will launch within the respective Microsoft software, but will remain linked to Agile Audit, and the updated version will automatically be saved back into the file when it is closed.

Financial statements

Will you be able to prepare financial statements in Agile Audit?

We are currently investigating the development of a Financials product on the Cloud. Stay tuned to our social channels. We are hoping to have a product by the end of 2020.


What file size restrictions are there?

There are no file size restrictions or limitations.

Integration with Audit System

Can we bulk import current working files?

At the moment, there is not a bulk import ability.

If you have a specific question or require any further information, please contact your account manager at, or visit our website.