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Work fully in ‘the Cloud’ with our newest product for Australian external Auditors – Agile Audit. Get all the benefits of Cloud computing including remote work, secure collaboration and reduced IT infrastructure using the CaseWare Cloud environment.

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Agile Audit Benefits

Fast & Easy to Use – Minimal Training

Intuitive screens, a ‘guided audit’ approach and easy workflows means any of your  audit staff can simply start using the software straight away.

Seamless Collaboration – Clients, Teams, Others

A better and more secure way of working with your audit team, clients and other stakeholders on a modern and intuitive single & secure platform.

Complete Audit and Practice Management Solution

Enable audit compliance and track the status of your engagements to optimise staff allocation and business profitability.

CaseWare Cloud SecuritySafe & Secure CaseWare Cloud Infrastructure

The CaseWare Cloud setup is certified to the highest standards. You get secure access to the program and engagement files with automatic data encryption so your data is safe. Updates are automated, meaning you are always up to date anywhere, anytime. Servers, data storage & backup are located in Australia.

Launch Webinar

Our Head of Audit and Accounting, Sarah Butler explained & demonstrated the product and outlined the key benefits and features.

Click here to watch the webinar recording

Agile Audit Product Features

Integration & Data Imports

Directly import transactions and trial balance data, or via an Excel file. Automapping for Xero & Quickbooks included.

Optimiser and Smart Procedures

Completing qualifying questions throughout the audit either shows or hides checklist contents, ‘guiding’ the audit. Key planning areas are linked reducing duplication and promoting consistency.

Risk Module

Record risks and set links to relevant assertions and procedures to be performed. Risk assessments
can be documented centrally at the assertion level.

Annotations and Issues

Electronically reference between checklists & supporting workpapers, and apply tickmarks to balances using the Annotation tool. Record review point, management letter items, other considerations & points for future years at procedure, document or engagement file level.

Sample Selection Tool

‘Truly random’ samples can be selected by Agile Audit to select unbiased selections from transaction datasets. Easily apply parameters and conditions to the population, as required


Keep everything relating to your audit engagements in one place. Queries is more secure
than email and allows you to send and receive requests for information and other audit questions to your clients.

Contact us if Agile Audit is what you could be looking for

Frequently Asked Questions about Agile Audit by CaseWare Australia & New Zealand

Q: Can we use any internet enabled device to connect to CaseWare Cloud and complete our audits?
A: Yes, CaseWare Cloud and Agile Audit is accessible on any internet-enabled device, although due to the amount of information displayed on screens, we recommend a larger device (eg. tablet) for ease of use.

Q: Can Agile Audit handle consolidations with multiple subsidiary companies & trial balances?
A: Yes, version 1 of Agile Audit supports small to simple mid-size consolidations. For more complex consolidations, we recommend using CaseWare Working Papers and the Audit System template at the moment. There are plans to enhance the consolidation technology in Agile Audit in future versions.

Q: Does Agile Audit contain all the relevant Australian audit standards and legislation?
A: Absolutely – our 25 year history and reputation for compliance with the AUASB and AASB requirements have been brought to the table when developing Agile Audit. This is a fully functional product to complete financial audits, stored & accessed on CaseWare Cloud versus stored and accessed on a desktop or laptop computer.

Q: Excel, Word, PDFs – how does Agile cope with these? Drag & drop? Placeholders?
A: External workpapers  and documents in all common formats (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, jpg, etc.) can be dragged and and dropped into an Agile Audit engagement file, and then referenced using the annotation feature. Once saved into the engagement file, PDFs will open within Agile Audit and allow annotations to be made directly onto the document. Word & Excel documents will launch within the respective Microsoft software, but will remain linked to Agile Audit, and the updated version will automatically be saved back into the file when it is closed.

Q: Is Agile Audit more suited to a specific type of client than larger clients?
A: Agile Audit can be used for almost any type of audit. For complex entities with multiple subsidiaries, we recommend you stick to the desktop Audit System right now, but the plan is that future versions of Agile Audit will be able to cope with these entities too.