Key Benefits

Improve the overall quality of the audit

The analysis results focus on areas of higher risk, so that you can target your audit effort on areas of importance. This means you can provide your client with a faster, more thorough audit.

Easy to use and learn analysis tool for every engagement

Testing is automated and part of the audit workflow. This allows you to integrate insightful analysis for every audit engagement, with minimal staff training and effort.

AI reduces time spent on transaction analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into the product significantly reduces the time spent on transactional analysis. Visual, often graphical results are produced almost instantly, with a clear distinction of risk category.

Product Launch Webinar

We recently celebrated our launch of the CaseWare AnalyticsAI product in Australia. Our Product Manager, Pauline Laidlaw explained & demonstrated the product and outlined the key features in a webinar which you can watch by clicking on the link below. Length of recording: approx 55 min.

Click here to watch the webinar

Key Features

Simple import & data mapping

Import trial balance and transactions data from multiple accounting packages and get it automatically tagged to the source.


Data validation and completeness

Safely rely on accuracy and completeness of data uploaded through automatic data reconciliation, control totals and data profiles.

Risk-based analysis

Based on characteristics of the entity being audited, tailor your analysis by selecting accounts to be emphasized as ‘influencers’.

AI-based testing

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to perform over a dozen tests on the whole transaction set automatically.

Powerful insights

Compare transactions across multiple dimensions, including account type, time, date and rank transactions by relative risk within any data set.

Configuration reports

Generate configuration reports that allow having more meaningful audit analysis with documented understandable evidence.

If you’re interested, contact your account manager, or email or phone (03) 9660 4660

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  • Big Data and analytics
  • Greater insight/value beyond the audit
  • Auditor competitive advantage
  • Obstacles to transformation
  • Is automation a job killer?
  • A case study in inefficient, manual procedures
  • Managing a successful transition

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