Designed with the practising accountant in mind, AssetAccountant is an asset management system specifically for use in accountancy practices with features that assist with the speedy entry and recording of assets. AssetAccountant manages all classes assets – fixed, leased and hire purchase – and integrates powerfully and seamlessly with Excel and QuickBooks, reducing manual data entry.

Key features include:

  • Replaces hard to use, error prone spreadsheets
  • Timely upgrades ensure AssetAccounting stays up to date
  • Hassle free conversion from your existing system
  • Depreciation Basis and Life are specified separately for Accounts and Tax
  • Comprehensive Lease and and Hire Purchase Accounting
  • Powerful integrating with Excel and QuickBooks eliminates re-keying
  • Comprehensive supporting schedules for Accounts and Tax
  • Comprehensive journals for posting to the General Ledger
  • Low Value Pool and Simplified Tax System
  • Calculates Gain/Loss on Sale or Capital Gains Tax Gain/Loss