The Audit Revolution You Might Have Missed

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Collaboration is Key If you’ve ever used either Google docs or the Microsoft 365 suite, you’ll understand the benefits of collaboration and group editing where, with the right permissions, your collaborators can suggest or directly edit or comment on documents. Each change is tracked and reversible, points of discussion and comments can be directed to specific respondents or noted to … Read More

3 Ways to Up Your Audit Technology Game

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Is your choice of technology solutions holding your practice back from all it can be? Auditors & Accountants have traditionally been a little slower on the technology uptake in comparison to other industry sectors. Now, more than ever, the right technology for auditors is becoming increasing mainstream. Technology definitely has its pro’s, but of course, there are some challenges too. … Read More

May User Group Wrap Up

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During this time where many of us are still a little isolated and working from home, we’ve continued our User Groups for our CaseWare Cloud, IDEA, Audit System and Financial Reporting products during May 2020. Thanks to all that attended. If you didn’t make a session you particularly want to catchup on, please review the options below. If you can’t … Read More

Tips for Training from Home

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We understand that you may be attending training at home, here are some of our tips to help you attend our online training at home. We have been delivering online training for many years and it is important that if any attendees have questions or require any assistance, please contact our training team on and 03 9660 4680.  Training … Read More

April User Group Wrap Up

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We completed our first very first month of User Groups! Thanks to everyone who attended, we hope you all got something out of the sessions. Here’s a quick wrap up of what’s happened across each group and a quick look forward to next months sessions. Cloud User Group: Tips and tricks for working in the cloud Key learnings from the … Read More

Preparing for the future of working remotely

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From our CEO, Craig Waldon. It’s definitely been an eventful week, month and year! With everyone still coming to terms with this crisis, I’d like to assure everyone that our team at CaseWare recognise the challenges you are facing and are committed to doing everything we can to assist you and your team. The challenges we’re all facing Over the … Read More

The Impact of COVID-19 on Auditors

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Authored by Sarah Butler, Head of Audit & Accounting at CaseWare Australia & New Zealand. What a year 2020 is already shaping up to be!  First we had fires, then floods and now a worldwide health pandemic. This year is one for the books already, and we aren’t yet through Q1! Personally, I’m struggling to come to terms with the … Read More

CaseWare Australia & New Zealand’s COVID-19 Response

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The Management Team at CaseWare Australia & New Zealand are monitoring the situation and responding as circumstances require or information becomes available. Updates will continue to be posted to this blog item. The health & well being of our staff are key – our policy & actions to date To minimise the chances of staff being infected we are asking … Read More

Special Purpose Disclosures for NFP Financial Statements. AASB 2019-4 requirements summary relating to AASB 1054.

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Financials template expert content provider & AASB member Carmen Ridley summaries the latest information regarding the recently released update to AASB 2019-4 and how to decide on the disclosures required. AASB 2019-4  Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards – Disclosure in Special Purpose Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Private Sector Entities on Compliance with Recognition and Measurement Requirements will affect all not-for-profit (NFP) entities … Read More

The Audit Inquiry and How We Can Assist

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From our CEO, Craig Waldon. Australia’s audit inquiry has created much debate and discussion within the industry. Many outcomes are still unclear, but it’s encouraging that we can have robust discussions which will hopefully result in a positive change to the audit industry. The story so far… In August, the Senate voted to establish an inquiry into the regulation of … Read More