Special Purpose Disclosures for NFP Financial Statements. AASB 2019-4 requirements summary relating to AASB 1054.

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Financials template expert content provider & AASB member Carmen Ridley summaries the latest information regarding the recently released update to AASB 2019-4 and how to decide on the disclosures required. AASB 2019-4  Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards – Disclosure in Special Purpose Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Private Sector Entities on Compliance with Recognition and Measurement Requirements will affect all not-for-profit (NFP) entities … Read More

The Audit Inquiry and How We Can Assist

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From our CEO, Craig Waldon. Australia’s audit inquiry has created much debate and discussion within the industry. Many outcomes are still unclear, but it’s encouraging that we can have robust discussions which will hopefully result in a positive change to the audit industry. The story so far… In August, the Senate voted to establish an inquiry into the regulation of … Read More

SRJ Walker Wayland Customer Interview

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We were fortunate enough to sit down with Jason Croston, the Managing Director at SRJ Walker Wayland in February 2019 to discuss how they have been using CaseWare for their audits.  We’ve maintained a strong working relationship with everyone at SRJWW since May 2008 and hope to continue to this relationship in the future. Here a few excerpts from the … Read More

Effective Data of AASB 16

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From Carmen Ridley – CaseWare Financial Reporting content expert, AASB member & Principal – Australian Financial Reporting Solutions. AASB 16 Leases is still effective for annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019 We have recently had a number of queries from clients who got very excited because they thought that the effective date of AASB 16 has changed. We … Read More

2019 Customer Conference – Top 5 Takeaways

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From our CEO, Craig Waldon. We tried things a little differently this year, only doing one customer conference and focusing on the future of audit as the theme. But I believe this was the best one to date. There was a fantastic buzz around the room with some very engaging discussions taking place. It is always great to see so … Read More

What Our Customers Thought of Our 2019 Conference

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We’d like to thank all 80 of our customers for attending our 2019 Conference, as well as the 40 who attended online via webcast. We hope you enjoyed it! If you were unable to attend, please find all the webinar audio recordings here. Overall, the vibe throughout the day was very positive with many insightful discussions taking place. We hope … Read More

Plan: It’s One of Our Company Values

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From our CEO, Craig Waldon. One of our Company values is Plan. It represents an expression we have used internally, that is “Think, Plan, Do, Measure and Review”. When we looked at formalising our culture to a set of values last year, one thing that was important to us as a company was that the values should represent the way … Read More

Property Revaluation: Revaluation Reserve Treatment After Disposal

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Revalutaion Property Q&A

From Carmen Ridley, (CaseWare Financial Reporting content expert, AASB member & Principal – Australian Financial Reporting Solutions) an interesting client query and her answer. Q: My client has sold a property that was previously held under the revaluation model – what should I do with the revaluation reserve in relation to that property now that the property has been disposed? … Read More

I’m #AuditorProud! Happy #AuditorProud Day Everyone!

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I’m celebrating it in Toronto this year, while attending the 2019 CaseWare International Distributor Conference. It has been a fantastic week so far – we’ve seen lots of exciting product and platform developments, shared experiences and knowledge with other distributors from across the globe, and met a lot of people in person that we normally liaise with online! I was … Read More