Peppercorn Leases & the New Revenue Standard AASB 1058: Right-of-Use Asset at Fair Value

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The following just in ‘hot off the press’ from our financial reporting content expert, Carmen Ridley AASB member. An update from the Nov 2018 meeting has been added to this article. The accounting treatment of peppercorn leases under the new revenue standard AASB 1058 Income of NFP Entities has caused significant discussion in relation to the recognition of a right-of-use … Read More

Should I use AASB 120 Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance?

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Our Financial Reporting Template expert content provider & AASB member, Carmen Ridley explains who can legitimately use AASB 120 and why. We have an accounting standard AASB 120 Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance but there seems to be some confusion over who can use this standard and I have received a number of questions about this. Many entities … Read More

AASB 16 Lease accounting  – which discount rate?

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What is an appropriate discount rate for the calculation of lease liabilities? AASB 16 requires that most leases are brought on the balance sheet from 1 January 2019. I have been asked many times about the appropriate discount rate for the calculation of lease liabilities. Ideally, all leases would contain an implicit interest rate and then the answer is obvious … Read More

Revenue Recognition AASB 15 – What companies need to consider and DO NOW!

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Author: Carmen Ridley, Principal – Australian Financial Reporting Solutions ( Member of the AASB, and a specialist consultant for CaseWare Australia & New Zealand. The panic has finally kicked in I have been presenting about the changes to the revenue accounting standard AASB 15 for a number of years, since IFRS 15 was issued in May 2014 (followed by AASB … Read More

ASIC Update: Focus Areas for 2017-18 Released

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ASIC June 30 2018 Reporting

ASIC recently released the latest focus report for 30 June 2018 reporting. Titled “Major changes affecting reported net assets and profit, and other focuses for 30 June 2018 reporting”, ASIC has taken the opportunity to remind companies to focus on new requirements that can materially affect reported assets, liabilities and profits. In all, the ASIC article has a total of … Read More

The End is Nigh  – No more special purpose financial statements (SPFS) for many entities

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Carmen Ridley

Our content expert, Carmen Ridley provides a timely review of the future demise of the SPFS reporting format, in a bid by the AASB to ” find a solution to improve the consistency, comparability, usefulness and credibility of financial reporting in Australia”. SPFSs Likely to be Dropped from Reporting Formats? The recent release of the IASB Revised Conceptual Framework (RCF)  contains … Read More

Budget Changes: Significant Global Entities (SGE) Definition Change

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SGE Definition Expanded

Significant Global Entities (SGE) – more entities captured? Our financial reporting content expert Carmen Ridley, explains that many more entities might be needing to prepare General Purpose Financial Statements (GPFS) which will be placed on the public record. The deadline for SGE’s to lodge general purpose financial statements (GPFS) with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for the first time has … Read More

Fatal Flaw draft of Revenue for Not-for-Profits has been released for review

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The AASB has released the final chance to comment on the proposed revenue for NFP accounting standard – a fatal flaw draft is open for comment until 21 October with the final standard expected to be released in December 2016. We encourage all NFP entities and their auditors to review this document and provide comments to the AASB about ‘big … Read More

Accounting Standards Issued but not yet effective

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There are three major new Standards on issue which are not yet effective – covering revenue, financial instruments and leases – as well as many other minor amending Standards. The preparation of your annual financial statements is a reminder that entities need to disclose the impact of these new Standards. This requirement also applies to special purpose Financial Statements prepared … Read More