Accounting & Audit: Automation – How Much Is Too Much?

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Automation Tools for Accounting & Auditing

by Sarah Butler, CaseWare SMSF Audit Product Manager As Product Manager of a cloud-based solution, I try to keep up with the latest trends in the world of technology. But in recent years, this has been a hard thing to do! Digital disruption, data feeds, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning… the list goes on. At CaseWare, the current hot topic … Read More

5 Ways to Improve Your Efficiency with Audit System

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Efficiency in Audit System

There is more to Audit System than just Programs and Checklists. Audit System contains a vast variety of workpapers, dialogs and efficiency tools to ensure you produce a quality audit for your clients in a timely manner. Audit deficiencies are most frequently identified in: Assessing and responding to risks of material misstatement. Auditing internal control over financial reporting. Here are … Read More

Press Release: CaseWare Cloud Analytics™ Launched in Australia

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CaseWare Cloud Analytics

CaseWare Australia & New Zealand launches CaseWare Cloud Analytics™ and tackles Big Data Melbourne (November 30, 2017) To utilise new technology such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that will ‘disrupt‘ future audits, CaseWare has released  CaseWare Cloud Analytics™. Showcased at the recent CaseWare customer conferences in Melbourne and Sydney, CaseWare Cloud Analytics™ provides auditors with the ability … Read More

Why has the Audit Report Changed? Has CaseWare Audit included a KAMs report?

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The Audit Report has changed to include Audit Opinion

“Enhanced auditor reporting requirements came into effect for the 31 December 2016 reporting season.  All auditors’ reports are now destined to look very different, and will report more information to provide greater transparency”  Tim Lew, CaseWare Australia & New Zealand Audit System Product Manager How has the Audit Report Changed? The structure and order of the Audit Report has changed with … Read More

How could Blockchain assist business?

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What is Blockchain and how will it assist business in the future? Blockchain is an emerging technology that is starting to gain traction for global business and in particular, the investment and financial industries. It allows organisations to share their transactions in a secure database distributed across multiple servers. The way blockchain creates and stores transactions make it very difficult, … Read More

CaseWare Australia & New Zealand’s Free Knowledge Webinars for Customers in May & June 2017

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CaseWare Free Knowledge Webinars

We’ve arranged a couple of free CaseWare Knowledge Webinars to be conducted by our content experts, Carmen Ridley and Michael Cain, during the next few weeks.  Exclusive to  CaseWare Australia & New Zealand customers we invite you to register NOW**, as spaces are limited. Accounting for Errors & Changes In Accounting Policy – What You Need to Know Mon, May … Read More

AASB Seeking Feedback – Round Table Invites

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Invitation for Expressions of Interest from AASB

The AASB are seeking feedback from firms about Exposure Draft ED 277 Reduced Disclosure Requirements for Tier 2 Entities. It proposes a new set of principles for the AASB to determine required disclosures for Tier 2 entities. These changes aim to make financial reports more relevant and concise for many not-for-profit and non-listed entities. In its invite, the AASB propose … Read More

Why Use CaseWare Connector?

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CaseWare Connector connects Audit Report to MS Word and Excel

Do you want your audit reports in a specific format to go to each client – year after year? Need a solution to organise client data into Excel ‘test’ templates?  Sick of inaccurate cutting & pasting to MS Word or Excel? CaseWare Connector might be a great option for you. What do our current clients do with Connector? A number of our … Read More