Annual SMSF Audit is the only option!

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SMSF Sharlene Anderson

Sharlene Anderson Director, Veritas Corp Registered SMSF Auditor In brief: The Cooper Review of 2009 stated “Given the growing size of the SMSF sector and the importance of the audit role, the Panel believes that the current frequency of annual audits is appropriate and should not be reduced” The potential for professional fraudsters to take advantage of this proposal is … Read More

SMSF Audits – Balancing Compliance With Technology

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This excellent article by Chris Malkin, Senior Consultant, Baumgartner Super, complements our CaseWare philosophy so well, we can’t improve on it, so here it is (just as published in SMSF Advisor, October 2016). Juggling compliance requirements with the rise of automation and increasing price pressures can be tricky for auditors. However, there are strategies to help balance these two pressures. SMSF … Read More


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Today being #auditorproud day, we at CaseWare are certainly proud to be working with Australia’s auditing fraternity, providing premium audit solutions! CaseWare’s software solutions have evolved over the past 22 years through listening to auditors and always aiming to meet the ever-changing needs of the auditing profession. For example, who can forget the release of the Clarity Auditing Standards back … Read More

CaseWare Customer Saul SMSF – in the News

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The quality of SMSF audits are receiving more industry attention & media scrutiny than ever before. In a recent article in the Australian Financial Review, acknowledged SMSF audit industry expert and CaseWare Audit template customer, David Saul, describes how he is trying to combat the current perception of minimal and inadequate audits at a low price point with better value … Read More