Financials Template

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The Financials template produces automated, print quality, yearly and half-yearly statutory financial statements for a wide variety of entity types – from Not-For-Profit, Listed Public, Large General Purpose, Large Special Purpose and Small Companies, as well as Associations, Trusts and Partnerships.

Improved Compliance

The Financials template is updated annually, to reflect all changes and updates to legislative requirements. We provide disclosure checklists to assist you to ensure you have not missed any mandatory disclosures contained within the Australian Accounting Standards or Interpretations. Our content provider is Carmen Ridley, a well-known and highly regarded industry speaker and consultant, member of the AASB and principal of Australian Financial Reporting Solutions (

Better Quality Control

The Financials template complies with standards and is regularly updated. Links to the trial balance, standard mapping and drill-down to leadsheets together with a distinct audit trail make it more rigorous than other software commonly used to prepare financial statements. Inbuilt security and administration tools such as Lockdown and Roll Forward assist you to meet file archiving requirements.

Increased Productivity & Easy Consolidation

A standard template together with the importing of trial balance data and the confidence of quality control, journals, audit trails all help you to prepare financial statements faster and reduce errors. Effective consolidation of multiple entities’ trial balances to produce consolidated accounts functionality is also provided.

Independent of Accounting software

Working independently of your accounting software, the CaseWare Financials template allows data to be easily imported from a wide variety of accounting software packages and includes the ability to deal with Excel, Word, PDF and image files for client engagement file records and management requirements.

Register for a FREE, no obligation CaseWare Financials Live Product Presentation