Higher Education Financials Template

The CaseWare Financial Reporting solution for Higher Education Providers:

  • Produces automated, print quality, yearly and half-yearly financial statements for a wide variety of entity types – from companies limited by guarantee, through to large public companies.
  • Complies with Australian legislation and reporting requirements and the template is updated annually to reflect updates and new inclusions for accounting standards changes.
  • Additional Higher Education Provider mandatory disclosures and reporting requirements, as published by the Department of Education, are included in the template. This allows you to easily produce financial statements in the form approved by the Australian Government Minister for Education.
  • Each year, a template update is released that incorporates required content alterations and any new HEP requirements from the Department of Education guidelines. You can then roll forward the prior year’s tailored financial statements and bring in any new disclosures from the latest release.
  • The template also contains additional corporate reporting content so compliant financial statements for other non-HEP related subsidiaries and companies can also be produced using this template, at no additional cost.
  • The core functionality built into the template makes adding, editing and deleting, formatting and finalising content to suit State or other specific requirements easy through the use of user-friendly toolbars and right-click options.
  • Content provided by Carmen Ridley, a well-known and highly regarded industry speaker, consultant and member of the AASB Board.
  • Includes disclosure checklists.
  • Supporting workpapers provided include leadsheets, variance reports, graphs and ratio analysis workpapers which are all automatically populated from the trial balance.
  • Contains a sophisticated Document Manager facility that allows supporting workpapers in formats such as Word, Excel and PDF to be saved within the financial statement file, making electronic file management easy.
  • Financial statements and leadsheets link directly to the trial balance, providing a distinct audit trail.
  • Provides instant flow through of adjustments from a trial balance to all relevant areas in the financial statements.
  • Allows for consolidation of multiple trial balances to produce consolidated Financial Statements for a group.
  • Promotes consistency across supporting workpapers, financial statement content and formatting of entities, with a Windows-like look and feel.

Behind the CaseWare financial reporting solution is the internationally renowned CaseWare Working Papers. A purpose built package that is utilised globally by hundreds of thousands of registered users across more than 130 countries.

Supported and updated in Australia for Australian requirements, CaseWare Australia & New Zealand would be pleased to demonstrate the full capability of our Financial Reporting Solution for Universities / HEP’s to you.