CaseWare IDEA

Software with Analytic Intelligence CaseWare IDEA

A comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use data analysis tool that quickly analyzes 100% of your data, guarantees data integrity and speeds your analysis, paving the way to faster, more effective audits.

Powerful & Insightful

Analyse your data with over 100 industry-specific routines, providing deep insights.

Integration with Working Papers

IDEA CloudShare

A collaborative audit environment where your team can share, store and obtain files securely.

CaseWare Cloud Platform

Flexible Licensing Model

Self manage your licenses by activating, renewing and redeploying a license with one authorisation code .


Powerful Python Capabilities

Easy to learn scripting language, allowing for custom scripting and data flow between Python and IDEA.

Working Papers Integration

Work within your CaseWare Audit engagement file, build & send information requests directly to your clients.

64-Bit Architecture

Improved compatibility and fast analysis, with an increase in overall performance.

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SmartExporter for SAP data

SAP® is an extremely efficient, potent and multi-faceted enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. However, business process and application controls can deteriorate over time due to change in regulations, business practices or employee attrition, and as such, this ever changing landscape can present unforeseen risks. The ongoing analysis of core data systems can prevent threats and address risks at an early stage.

The extraction of SAP data is simplified allowing for easy review and analysis. SmartExporter resolves many common issues associated with transferring SAP data outside of the software’s environment such as security, data capacity and timing of data downloads. Once you configure the data request by defining the tables, fields and filters, you can save it as a favorite and reuse in the future.

Convenient Analysis

The data request is not generated in SAP®, but on your local hard-drive or enterprise server. Data requests are scheduled for immediate download or for a specific time during off-peak business hours and saved for repeat use. Output formats include IMD (IDEA), CSV, Access, TXT, AIS, and files formatted according to the default data structure.

Safe and Secure

SmartExporter is compatible with existing SAP® access privileges. Therefore, the SAP tables for which you do not have access rights within the ERP, will not be accessible through this solution. The original SAP® data cannot be edited as the SmartExporter solution produces read-only content. All actions can be traced at any time, as they are recorded by a unique ID. This ensures maximum transparency.

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