Extra Add-ons

Management Reporting Template

This CaseWare Working Papers add-on consists of a user-defined, 13 column profit and loss statement. It now also includes a new user-defined 13 column balance sheet. The management reporting template can produce monthly, quarterly and other periodic reports based on current year, prior year, budget and forecast data.


CaseWare Connector is an optional component for CaseWare Working Papers which allows the integration of documents generated with Microsoft Word and Excel 2000 (or greater) versions.

In addition to integrating data with any part of CaseWare Working Paper’s database, including all amounts and properties of accounts, full annotations can be added including references, tick-marks and drill downs to supporting documents.

Time and Today

CaseWare Australia & New Zealand is the authorised distributor in Australia for CaseWare International and we market and support the following CaseWare Practice Management software and software add-on products.


CaseWare Time features real-time updates, unrivalled flexibility, and its own integrated document-generator. Whatever the scope of your practice, Time is the ideal tool for simplifying day-to-day management. Some of the features you can use in Time are:

  • billing
  • accounts receivable, and practice management – all in real time
  • maximum flexibility to customize and generate reports
  • true real-time operation
  • unlimited databases
  • a client/contact database boasting over 70 fields
  • full on-screen billing and flexible write-up and write-down distribution

CaseWare Today is an optional component for CaseWare Time and is a series of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange forms and objects that integrate seamlessly with CaseWare Time. You can keep information in just one place and take advantage of the productivity tools in CaseWare Time and Microsoft Outlook, and if using Exchange, full collaborative groupware features.