Business Efficiency

Management insight that enables better decision making, allocation of resources and workload monitoring.


Workflow Automation

Clever workflow technology saving time, enabling file collaboration, client communication and compliance.


Access Anywhere

Unprecedented flexibility across multiple devices means no delays and maximum efficiency for the audit team.

Access audit information anytime anywhere

CaseWare’s cloud platform with SmartSync features ensures your data is always up-to-date and accessible to those who need it.

  • Review audits on the go via mobile device, no problem!
  • Monitor (engagement) reports via CaseWare Q anytime
  • Track and monitor every aspect of your engagement for optimum efficiency and profitability
  • Security ……


Better quality audits in less time through advanced workflow automation and seamless updates

Plan and conduct audits faster with the confidence that your audit has been tailored effectively using CaseWare’s unique audit optimizer. Review engagements more quickly and accurately through the colour coded dashboard and comprehensive reports.

  • Complete digital audit trail
  • Review notes, risks and issues collated in easy to read reports
  • Year on year roll forward features
  • Automated sampling and management letters
  • Integrated document management system
  • Compliance updates

Advanced collaboration opens up a whole new world of efficiency.

Collaborate in ways not possible before, with one centralised location for all your staff, clients and other stakeholders.

  • Share files quickly and easily
  • Provide clients with custom dashboards for helpful views into the engagement process
  • Say something about messaging….

smart sync

Smart Sync – Access client information wherever you are

Teams become more efficient and better connected through collaboration with SmartSync. Automatically synced from your teams on the road back to the office via the cloud. Eliminate the need for paper-based files with peace of mind whilst reviewing local copies of a file in real-time, with all data synced automatically in the background.

CaseWare Connector – Link Excel & Word Files with CaseWare

Suitable for in-house accounting teams as well as accountancy practices.

CaseWare Connector allows you to link and cross-reference CaseWare data to Excel workbooks and Word documents, ensuring that there is no need to re-key data, as the latest information will always be present in your CaseWare file.

Featuring a dynamic toolbar interface providing instant drop-down access to the whole financial database of an active client rapid switching between active clients, and a variety of convenient tools designed to simplify and streamline reporting between MS and CaseWare. The result is reduced reviewer time.

Key Features:

    • Integrate data with any part of CaseWare Working Papers database including amounts and properties of accounts
    • Add full annotations including referencing, tick marks and drill down to supporting documents and transactions
    • Formula builder wizard and mapping tools
    • Link to existing MS Excel-based models
caseware connector

review on the go

Review on the Go – Remain connected via mobile access

CaseWare Review on the Go is the revolutionary answer to managing audit engagements when you are out of the office enabling you to complete engagements faster. Review, access files, respond to issues and complete sign-offs via mobile devices.

Review on the Go not only enables audit teams to work more efficiently, they can complete engagements faster with the information they need at their fingertips whether they are on a train or at a client site.

Review on the Go integrates with CaseWare Collaborate and is available for users of CaseWare AuditAdvanced with SmartSync.

CaseWare Collaborate – Allow your teams and clients to work together more effectively

Much more than a client portal, CaseWare Collaborate, part of our Practice Management range, empowers practices to work together more effectively from any location, to manage client communications and data more securely and to analyse and track engagement and practice data.

caseware collaborate


Electronic Document Management

AuditAdvanced includes an integrated Document Management System. Scan and store all working papers and related documentation in any electronic format in one client file, providing a valuable back-up to paper files and speedy access to client documentation.

Deliver a winning audit service in an increasingly competitive market

Roll over previous year’s audit work programs to reference risks and resolutions and import Trial Balances from any number of accounts production systems. What’s more, streamline processes with automated sampling, management letters and auto-completion of risks.

deliver winnig


Interactive Digital Dashboard.


Audit Optimisation


Flexible Trial Balance


Automated Management Letters


Extensive Drill Down Capability.


Responsible Individual Review Assistance


Document Annotations & Referencing


Internal Controls