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Efficiently manage workloads

Boost productivity across your team, keep everyone on track and build confidence in the work being done by all. Visibility into the status of all engagements across the firm ensures that the right tasks are being prioritised and time is spent where it’s needed most.

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Benefits of using Accomplish

Clean and easy to tailor dashboards, offer real time visuals of key task and engagement metrics for all staff, no matter their role.
Identify the most critical work to be done, based on the number and status of tasks assigned, so staff can stay focused on the right jobs.
Plan with insight and accuracy to ensure staff have manageable workloads and all deadlines can be met.
Quickly and simply adjust workloads and reassign jobs to address any bottlenecks or roadblocks as they arise.

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Your data will be stored in state-of-the-art data centres operated by Amazon Web Services Australian data centre. At Caseware, we’ve included our own security and data encryption processes in addition to AWS security. To read our terms of trade relative to Caseware Cloud, click here.

For Caseware Working Papers files which are linked to Caseware Cloud, an internet connection is required to synchronise the work from the copy on your machine to the copy on the Cloud (and therefore your colleagues copies of the file as well). Otherwise, you can perform work on your local copy without internet access. For engagements that are solely worked on within Caseware Cloud through a web browser (eg. our Agile Audit & SMSF Audit products) an internet connection is always required.

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“The software itself is user friendly, but the help desk is even more user friendly!”
Susan Barbour, Baumgartner Audit Pty Ltd

“The freedom to take my work anywhere. It has given me the opportunity to be super flexible with my work hours which is a massive help with a young family”

Christopher May, Hamilton Morello

I like the… “Logical order of the document manager and ability to log issues.”

Angela Holladay, HLV Chartered Accountants