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Supercharge Your Audit With The Real Data Story

Improve the quality, efficiency and value of your audit at the engagement planning stage with an AI powered solution to allow you to focus on areas of higher risk.

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Benefits of using AnalyticsAI

Improve the overall quality of the audit as the data analysis results focus on areas of higher risk so you can target your audit effort more effectively
Easy to learn and use, testing and graphed results are automated and designed to be part of the audit workflow
The inbuilt AI capability identifies clear risk categories so less time is needed to be spent on analysing transactions
Enables more meaningful audit analysis with documented, understandable evidence
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Top Questions

AnalyticsAI would have the most benefit for an audit engagement to be applied as part of a planning phase. It can assist in determining the numbers and capability of staff required to conduct a quality audit because of the data story revealed.

Not at all. The software is very intuitive to use and the results are produced with very little input from the audit engagement staff.

Importation is available for CSV files and online accounting packages such as MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero. We are continually improving our data ingestion options and techniques.

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“(Xtend is) the Best Thing Ever Invented! Used it in all our audits this year and the clients love it – even the ones with little tech knowledge as they don’t have to use email and feel better sending confidential information to a safe location”
Kevin Adams, Director, DFK Benjamin King Money Audit Services

“…Caseware Xtend. We’re rapt to have been using this brilliant platform since July, because it offers our clients a raft of advantages.

…our audit clients have been loving the ease of use, flexibility and convenience.”

Andrew Bingley, Audit Supervisor, SRJ Walker Wayland

“The software itself is user friendly, but the help desk is even more user friendly!”

Susan Barbour, Baumgartner Audit Pty Ltd