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Data analytics for deeper insights, more value.

Quickly analyse 100 per cent of your data with a comprehensive, easy-to-use data analytics tool. In the latest version, IDEA 11 offers even more options & tools to quickly provide key insights to conduct more effective audits or delve further into your data investigations.

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Benefits of using IDEA for Data Analytics

Analyse 100% of your data faster and get quick, visual results.
Identify control breakdowns from the data.
Improve audit quality with pre-built routines from IDEA SmartAnalyzer.
Easily import almost any data type and source, while maintaining data integrity.

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Import data from virtually any data source using universal file conversion capabilities within IDEA including unstructured data (PDFs), text files, reports, major accounting packages and data from ODBC and SAP®.

To quickly identify similar records, the Fuzzy Duplicate tool identifies multiple, similar records due to data entry errors, different data recording conventions or fraud. Data groups can then be fine-tuned based on case sensitivity. There are 100+ industry tests included, such as Benfords Law, often applied to look for fraudulent transactions.

Inbuilt standard tests allow you to start using the product with just some basic understanding of what type of data you are dealing with. Comprehensive training courses are available to assist you with using the software, and we have lots of videos and FAQs to assist with more understanding.

To assist with easily analysing SAP® data on an ongoing basis , we have SmartExporter – a Windows based extraction tool, specifically designed to import SAP® data into CaseWare IDEA. This tool is intuitive and easy to use, and will be able to assist you to extract and analyse SAP® data periodically if this is required. Call us to discuss your requirements further. Download the brochure.

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