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Intuitive, fast and simple Financials preparation.

Prepare, review and deliver professionally formatted and accurate Financial Statements in the Cloud.

From 24 February 2022, the Cloud Financials sill support both Tier 1 – General purpose and Tier 2 – Simplified Disclosure for both for-profit and not-for-profit reporting entities.

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Tier 1 General Purpose (Company, Not for Profits and Incorporated Associations), Tier 2 Simplified Disclosure and Special Purpose (Only Associations). If you require content for Listed reporting entities, we recommend using our desktop Financial Reporting Solution.

Agile Audit and Cloud Financials are two separate apps, that will appear on your firm’s cloud menu. You are able to copy the trial balance and adjustments between these two apps. We are continually working on integrating cloud apps.

Cloud Financials is run on Amazon Web Services infrastructure based in NSW. You and your team are the only persons with access to it, as all data and transactions are encrypted in transit & storage. The data and backup data for the Caseware online Cloud financial reporting software and all Caseware Australia & New Zealand cloud products is entirely held in Australia.

“The software itself is user friendly, but the help desk is even more user friendly!”

Susan Barbour, Baumgartner Audit Pty Ltd

“The freedom to take my work anywhere. It has given me the opportunity to be super flexible with my work hours which is a massive help with a young family”

Christopher May, Hamilton Morello

I like the… “Logical order of the document manager and ability to log issues.”

Angela Holladay, HLV Chartered Accountants