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Connector: Integrate with Word & Excel

CaseWare Connector is a Microsoft Word and Excel add-in which pulls information from CaseWare Working Papers into your Word and Excel documents.

Benefits of using Connector

Integrate information into standard Word documents and Excel worksheets from CaseWare Working Papers
Use the same annotations and standard documents used in Working Papers and Word or Excel
Easily use the add-in dialogue to insert the data you require
Changes in Working Papers will be automatically reflected in your documents

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There are a series of youtube videos that would be useful. Start here for an overview of the product, or give us a call to chat about how it might work for your practice.

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“[Connector] provides us with an opportunity to develop custom templates and pre-populate financial and other client data out of our CaseWare file directly into other formats, such as Word and Excel. This allows us to build templates for testing and client documents that require little input other than simple commentary and data analysis which means we can be more efficient. With greater ‘automation’ of our documents, it also means less room for keying errors.”
Audit Team Leader, Large Networked Firm