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The CaseWare Financial Reporting template produces automated, print quality, yearly and half-yearly statutory financial statements for a wide variety of entity types – from Not-For-Profit, Listed Public, Large General Purpose, Large Special Purpose and Small Companies, as well as Associations, Trusts and Partnerships.

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Benefits of using Financials

Updated annually, to reflect all changes and updates to Australian legislative requirements. The Financial Reporting template improves compliance using disclosure checklists
Inbuilt security and administration tools such as Lockdown and Roll Forward assist you to meet file archiving requirements to offer better quality control
A standard template together with the import of trial balance data and the confidence of quality control over journals, audit trails help you to prepare financial statements faster and reduce errors
Allows data to be easily imported from a wide variety of accounting software packages and the ability to deal with Excel, Word, PDF and image files for client engagement file records and management requirements

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Top Questions

There are various export options available from the Financial Reporting template, including both .pdf (portable document format) and .rtf (rich text format) which is the recommended format for Word.

Yes, there is the ability to create quarterly, half yearly or even 18 month reports if needed.

Financials support small companies, large general purpose and listed entity. It also supports higher education and not for profit entities.

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“The software itself is user friendly, but the help desk is even more user friendly!”

Susan Barbour, Baumgartner Audit Pty Ltd

“Financial statements template is customisable and easy to use”

Auditor, Large network firm

“It’s improved our productivity and efficiency by at least 50 %…  It helps file organisation, fast amendment and changes to financial statements, better presentation (no more writing), cut down clerical work, process re-engineered (one person does all)…”

Eddie Wee, Eddie Wee & Company, Malaysia