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Streamlined Audit Engagements. Interactive. Intuitive.

Get all the benefits of quality, online Cloud audits: work remotely, reduce IT infrastructure and securely collaborate with your team and clients across all your audit engagements.

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Agile Audit is run on Amazon Web Services infrastructure based in NSW. You & your team are the only persons with access to it, as all data and transactions are encrypted in transit & storage. The data and backup data for the CaseWare online Cloud audit software and all CaseWare Australia & New Zealand cloud products is entirely held in Australia.

Agile Audit is one of the most intuitive audit cloud audit software products available on the market. Most customers are able to start using the software immediately, with no formal training. You’re backed by a comprehensive online learning system, an online FAQ database and an Australian customer support team.

Yes, references to the latest standards required by the AUASB are provided within the online Cloud audit software, to assist you to complete quality audit engagements as effectively as possible.

“The risk functionality, and making sure you’re addressing the risks later on through your process, being able to load the trial balance in and leave those for the lead sheets, creates a lot more efficiency.”

Steven Kouparitsas, Partner, Axiom Associates

“We’re confident to take on more new business, now that we have such an efficient, concrete audit methodology tool.”

Steven Kouparitsas, Partner, Axiom Associates

“It’s a good way for us to show how we’re making sure that our audit approach and methodology is compliant with the Australian auditing standards.”

Steven Kouparitsas, Partner, Axiom Associates