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Maximise efficiency. Ensure quality & accuracy.

A purpose-built SMSF audit tool for Australian auditors, with powerful workflow & productivity tools to assist you to conduct thorough, compliant and streamlined SMSF audits.

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Benefits of using SMSF Audit

Your data stays in Australia and Includes some of the highest levels of data security & certification available, so you don’t need to stress about security or data integrity. Certifications obtained for the Cloud environment include ISO 27001 and SOC 2® Type 1.
Compliant with Australian SMSF auditing requirements, workflows have been designed specific to auditors’ needs, with centralised report views and dashboards to help you manage your resources more effectively.
Our Smart Procedure technology and automatic Shares Testing Worksheet saves time and ensures documenting audit evidence is easily accomplished. Obtain secure access to information by all stakeholders when needed – even in remote locations or on various devices.
Save even more time with the inbuilt integration for common SMSF admin packages and regular updates for standards and legislation changes all managed for you.

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At least once a year for content standard updates. Multiple times a year for any new features or improvements. This is all done automatically in the background because the software is in the cloud.

The pricing is in two parts:

  • An annual CaseWare Cloud subscription
  • A minimum package of 50 engagements. There are no expiry dates on these engagements.

Access to our self-paced online training course, our comprehensive FAQ database and our Australian support team is included. Experience to date from other customers indicates the product interface is very intuitive and that most people don’t bother to review the training.

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“The risk functionality, and making sure you’re addressing the risks later on through your process, being able to load the trial balance in and leave those for the lead sheets, creates a lot more efficiency.”

Steven Kouparitsas, Partner, Axiom Associates

“We’re confident to take on more new business, now that we have such an efficient, concrete audit methodology tool.”

Steven Kouparitsas, Partner, Axiom Associates

“It’s a good way for us to show how we’re making sure that our audit approach and methodology is compliant with the Australian auditing standards.”

Steven Kouparitsas, Partner, Axiom Associates