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The intelligent collaboration platform

Securely send and manage ‘prepared by client’ data and information requests within your engagement through a single collaboration platform, with full integration with CaseWare Working Papers.

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Benefits of using Xtend

Securely request, file and store sensitive client data within the audit engagement
Collaborate and communicate with clients more effectively and in real time, allowing for a more adaptable and transparent workflow
Manage client files and requests in one centralised location that is readily accessible by all team members
Track the status of requests across all your audit engagements
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Top Questions

Watch the short video at this link to get the best idea of how the integration works.

Yes. Note that you can restrict their access to a very basic level, and they won’t see anything you don’t give them specific access to.

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“(Xtend is) the Best Thing Ever Invented! Used it in all our audits this year and the clients love it – even the ones with little tech knowledge as they don’t have to use email and feel better sending confidential information to a safe location”
Kevin Adams, Director, DFK Benjamin King Money Audit Services

“…Caseware Xtend. We’re rapt to have been using this brilliant platform since July, because it offers our clients a raft of advantages.

…our audit clients have been loving the ease of use, flexibility and convenience.”

Andrew Bingley, Audit Supervisor, SRJ Walker Wayland

“The software itself is user friendly, but the help desk is even more user friendly!”

Susan Barbour, Baumgartner Audit Pty Ltd