Audit System Template

The CaseWare Australia & New Zealand Audit System template contains a comprehensive suite of electronic software programs, checklists and audit work papers designed specifically for the audit practitioner in Australia, utilising the internationally recognised CaseWare software as the ‘software engine’.

With references to the Australian Auditing Standards (ASAs) the template is structured to allow practitioners to obtain reasonable assurance that their audit engagements are compliant with the professional and regulatory requirements. CaseWare Australia & New Zealand works with a number of partners and consultants to ensure we have included relevant compliance aspects within each annual update of the template.

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SMSF Audit

The newest member of the CaseWare Australia & New Zealand product suite, Caseware SMSF Audit is designed specifically to support the audit process for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. Released in July 2015, this purpose-built, cloud-based audit solution provides powerful workflow and productivity tools within in a secure collaborative environment.

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CaseWare Cloud Analytics

CaseWare Cloud Analytics (TM) will enhance audit quality, identify risks and issues, and deliver new insight into a business and its risk environment. From importing and visualising data to interpreting and testing results at a granular level, this product will change the way audits are performed. CaseWareCloud Analytics (TM) utilises technology – and the insights it can provide – allows auditors to take on a more strategic, analytical role and increase efficiency, improve audit quality and provide value by mining the huge volume of data now available.

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CaseWare IDEA

Whether you’re an auditor, accountant or finance professional, data analysis is a challenge. Compiling information from numerous sources and in a wide array of formats is time-consuming, and increases the risk of errors. Luckily there’s CaseWare IDEA®, a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use data analysis tool that quickly analyzes 100% of your data, guarantees data integrity and speeds your analysis, paving the way to faster, more effective audits.

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Financials Template

The Financials template produces automated, print quality, yearly and half-yearly statutory financial statements for a wide variety of entity types – from Not-For-Profit, Listed Public, Large General Purpose, Large Special Purpose and Small Companies, as well as Associations, Trusts and Partnerships. We also have our Management Reporting template that provides a user-defined 13-column balance sheet and 13-column profit and loss for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.

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CaseWare Working Papers

CaseWare Working Papers is intuitive software that allows accountants to effectively and efficiently collate financial and other information. It links to CaseView, a powerful report writer installed with CaseWare, to produce complying financial statements and other reports. Developed in Canada, CaseWare Working Papers is utilised by over 160,000 users in over 130 countries. The software is created for a world-wide network of distributors who ensure that templates are tailored to local audit and reporting requirements.

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CaseWare Online

Take your audit engagements online.

CaseWare secure and flexible technology allows you to take your Working Papers engagements online, offering a world of new possibilities for your team and clients. With CaseWare Online, you will experience unprecedented collaboration between your audit team members, regardless of their geographic location – anytime, anywhere. Work online when you have internet access and offline when you don’t – with automatic synchronisation as soon as you re-connect.

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CaseWare Cloud

Ideal for firms small and large, CaseWare Cloud is a powerful solution that can take your Working Papers engagements to a whole new level of efficiency. CaseWare Cloud allows you to monitor the status of engagements from any web-enabled device and, because engagement files are stored in the cloud, your backups are managed automatically and you have no need for expensive servers.

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Higher Education Financials Template

Built specifically for the Australian Higher Education sector, this template recognises and embraces the additional requirements of this sector. Developed in association with a number of Higher Education and financial reporting experts, this template provides strong core functionality as well as the flexibility to incorporate State-specific reporting requirements.

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Designed with the practising accountant in mind, AssetAccountant is an asset management system specifically for use in accountancy practices with features that assist with the speedy entry and recording of assets. AssetAccountant manages all classes assets – fixed, leased and hire purchase – and integrates powerfully and seamlessly with Excel and QuickBooks, reducing manual data entry.

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