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What is QuickFee?

QuickFee is a monthly payment option we can offer our customers as a payment alternative for our licence fees. It allows you to meet the terms of our invoice, without the need for a lump sum payment.

How does QuickFee Work?

Upon approval, we receive the full fee amount, and QuickFee schedules monthly direct debits to your nominated bank account. It’s a cash flow solution for both parties. We receive our fees within 3 business days at no extra cost, and you’re able to pay in more manageable, monthly instalments.

How QuickFee helps you?

QuickFee allows you to avoid lump sum payments, pay your annual software fees monthly, maintain your own cash flow and keep your invoice payments separate.


Pay in 12 monthly instalments via direct debit or credit card. Application and credit fees apply as well as a 1.5% fee if paying via credit card.

Please allow 3 business days for processing from date of request

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