April User Group Wrap Up

We completed our first very first month of User Groups! Thanks to everyone who attended, we hope you all got something out of the sessions. Here’s a quick wrap up of what’s happened across each group and a quick look forward to next months sessions.

Cloud User Group: Tips and tricks for working in the cloud

Key learnings from the session:

  • Understanding internet speed – how you can tell when the best time to sync might be
  • Scanning documents – how best to save PDFs to minimise storage
  • Working Papers Synchronise all – review of best steps to take
  • CaseWare Cloud Chat – useful for team member quick queries

Next months topic: Client portal best practice and Xtend – May 5th 

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Audit User Group: Mapping

Key learnings from the session:

  • Leadsheet groups vs Mapping numbers
  • Repurposing mapping numbers
  • Mapping efficiency

It was pleasing to note that the transition to working remotely has been fairly seamless for most of our customers.

Next months topic: Setting up your audit file to prepare for 30 June – May 12th 

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IDEA User Group: Discover and Visualization

Key learnings from the session:

  • Discover and Visualize features provide the next step in data analysis.
  • Generate graphs and charts that let you see patterns, trends, outliers, and correlations that might not be apparent in table format
  • How to save them as Dashboard and reuse the same for another Database

Next months topic: CaseWare Accounting Package Import – May 19th 

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Financials User Group: Styles and themes in Financials

Key learnings from the session: 

  • Overview of Style View
  • Controlling the presentation of Financials using Style View and Modify themes
  • Exploring the Style and Formatting Dialog box
  • Paragraph and Text Indentation vs Table Indentation in Financials

Next months topic: Year-end close walkthrough – May 27th  

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For any further information, please check out our User Group landing page and we hope to see you in our May sessions!