Automating Large Working Papers

If it’s not documented, it’s not done – sound familiar?  This is common mantra across audit teams, but sadly what is also common is precious time being lost to documenting work performed. 

Audit products like Caseware provide best practice suggestions for risk response procedures, but it is up to the auditor to decide how best to document and evidence the work done.  One of the most common ways is to build a testing workpaper in Excel – detail the balance tested, list sample selected of transactions, annotate and reference to evidence obtained… but the data, annotations and links are manually added.

Then there’s the deliverables produced in Word – no doubt the handy keyboard shortcut of  ‘Ctrl+H’ for find and replace is used a lot to change client names, year ends, and other key data points included in letter and report templates.

Did you know that all of this can be automated using Caseware Connector? This powerful tool can allow you to link to the live data within Caseware engagement files, ensuring accuracy and quality.  Plus there are handy tools that align with Working Papers features, such as tickmarks and referencing.

Automate your Excel workpapers and Word documents faster by watching the Connector Getting Started 2: Relative Referencing using Connector.

Utilise Caseware Connector for:

  • Audit Working Papers
  • Financial Statement Working Papers
  • Tax Working Papers
  • Accounting Working
  • Reconciliation Working Papers
  • Custom Lead Sheets
  • Structured Clean Data Reporting
  • Tailored deliverables

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