Building Flexible Working Papers

Excel® is a very popular audit workpapers tool, particularly due to how easy data can be filtered, manipulated and analysed within in.  But how are the ‘smarts’ added to these workbooks? 

Most commonly, Excel-savvy auditors know the different data sets available for analysis in their working papers and manually copy them in to audit as and when needed. But what if you didn’t need to copy in the data?  What if you could instead drop pre-built parameters into an existing Excel file that will very quickly adjust the data to what you need it to be?

With Caseware Connector this is possible!  Create you own dynamic controls and make your existing working papers more flexible by watching Connector Getting Started 3: Building Parameter Controls.

Utilise Connector in Excel® for:

  • Management accounts
  • Consolidation Working Papers
  • Consolidation Matrix (eliminating journals reconciliation)
  • Cash Flow Worksheets

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