CaseWare Australia & New Zealand – Supporting Another Worthy Charity

Caseware Australia & New Zealand are super pleased to be able to support a very worthy charity. This endeavour aims to bring education, nutrition and the opportunity for a better life to a group of children in Zambia. We think this is a great cause and after you have read this, we hope you’d like to support this charity too!

We’ve contributed to a building project of four new classrooms to teach another 120 students at the ALMs school in Zambia. This project provides education for children of families with very little resources – a project established in memory of Australian Graeme Blair, who was a long time fundraiser and supporter of this charity.

ALMs school fundraising to date – a way to go yet!

It is very affecting watching the opportunity (start at 15:45secs) now afforded to some of these children. These children come from some of the poorest of the poor – some orphaned, often abuse victims, all with very limited resources. These children appreciate the opportunity to be educated and supported, some of whom are now dreaming of university after starting school much later than most.

The Caseware Australia & New Zealand directors and staff are very much looking forward to seeing the progression of the classroom building project and keeping updated with news from the school in the next few months. This is a charity we wanted to support to bring much needed hope to a really disadvantaged community. One of the lovely components of this charity is that it is entirely run by volunteers and every Australian fundraising dollar goes specifically to the charity coordinator in Zambia. There are no infrastructure or staffing arrangements to fund first!

If you’d like to donate to this project, or find out more about the charity, please go to this website. Let us know if we’ve been able to direct a few more dollars to this worthy cause – we’ll send you some Caseware goodies in solidarity!

Picture of Zambian ALMs charity student in final high school years, dreaming of university opportunities

Solly Lew, Chairman, 

Craig Waldon, CEO & 

Justin Dobbyn, Director

We’d love to support more worthy causes! You can help indirectly by purchasing Caseware software.

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