August CaseWare User Groups Wrap Up

Here is a wrapup of the action from all our sessions of our product CaseWare User Groups that occurred in August! Enjoy!
Don’t hesitate to give us a call (or email via for more information on any of these topics, or if you missed the session.

Cloud User Group: Managing Access to Files on CaseWare Cloud

Learnings from the session:

  • Sign in page customisation.
  • Welcome email customisation.
  • Email logging.
  • Letterhead and logo usage in engagements.
  • Cloud Billing


Useful FAQ links:

Next topics – Not CaseWare Cloud focused, but CaseWare SMSF Audit!

  • We’ve reviewed all the features of CaseWare Cloud in our previous user group sessions and have basically run out of topics. We’ll keep in touch with those that have registered as part of this group, refreshing your memories with FAQ links and short videos regularly.
  • Commencing in the first week of September, we’ll replace our Cloud User Group with a product user group for SMSF Auditors!

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Audit User Group: Application of Hotfix 150 and inserting COVID-19 checklist

Key learnings from the session:

  • Where to find the hotfix
  • How to install the hotfix
  • How to insert the COVID-19 checklist

Quick Snippet:

Useful FAQ link: Hotfix FAQ link

Poll Result

Next months topic on Risk Assessment

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IDEA User Group: Fuzzy duplicates

Key learnings from the session:

  • Where you can use this task
  • Fuzzy Groups 
  • Similarity Degree 
  • Understanding the output

Poll question:

Useful FAQ link: IDEA Tech Tip: Normalizing vendor names

Next months topic: Tips for cleansing data

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Financials User Group: Tailoring the Audit report & Auditors Independence Declaration for Financials

Key learnings from the session: 

  • Default Audit Report vs External Audit Report
  • Inserting the Audit report & Auditor’s Independence declaration
  • Tailoring & modifying the Audit report

Poll question:

Useful FAQ links: 

How do I insert a company logo in an Independent Audit Report?

How do I adjust the space above the Independent Audit Report in the Financials?

Next months topic: Linkages!

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