CEO June Update: Auditor Busy Season

Below, you’ll find the transcript from the video filmed by CEO Craig Waldon on the challenges faced by auditors for this unique busy season (2020) & how Caseware Australia & New Zealand are trying to assist.

Craig, what are some of the challenges you think auditors will be facing this year?

Well I think, auditors are under more pressure than they’ve ever been. There’s lots of challenges related to COVID and having to work remotely, still conduct compliant and efficient audits and also to get the best out of the tools that they’ve got to do the audits. 

And how is Caseware helping to meet those challenges?

Well in regards to efficiency and working remotely, Caseware is just set up to do it that way. The efficiency comes around through smart programs, smart procedures, documentation and products that are specifically designed for doing audits, that’s what Caseware’s all about. We also allow with Caseware Cloud that teams can work very efficiently remotely, they’ve got access to the one engagement file, they’re not having to move bits of files around. They’ve got the ability to work remotely with clients in terms of collaboration, getting files and information from them securely, efficiently and intuitively with products like Xtend. One of our clients up in Queensland, has been particularly happy with using Xtend, even pre-COVID were really all over it and that’s one of the products that could really make a difference at this time. 

How are customers getting the most out of the software?

We’ve got a couple of new initiatives that we’ve brought in, one of them is User Groups. That’s been very successful, we’ve run a number of them over the last two months, driven by customer questions, what they want answered, we also provide tips and tricks in those sessions. So we’re finding that that’s getting our customers much more up to speed with some of the things that they maybe don’t use so often in the software. We also ran special training courses, we’ve had a bit of demand for courses that meet a specific need. A recent example was an IDEA SmartAnalyzer course, we had a number of customers wanting to do that to get the most out of their software. We ran that very quickly, we’ve got that up and running very quickly, we were on that last week and customer feedback was excellent on that. We’ll also continue to do all the things we’re known for. We run really good online training courses, both full courses for a new user and also refresher type courses for people that have used it before. We often get comments like“I didn’t realise that was in the software.” “That’s really great, I’m getting that better use out of the software that way.” We also have a customer service team that have a lot of experience. They have experience in answering questions day-to-day, on the customer service desk. They’re also a very experienced at helping implement new customers and provide training to customers both existing customers and new customers. They’re bringing a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience to bare when customer rings up and says “I have a problem with the software”. We’re able to help them, get them moving and get them back to the work quickly and help them on their way.

Caseware has released a new cloud-based technology in recent months, how do you see this being beneficial to Auditors in the current climate?

Well there’s the number of products that we’ve released recently and the benefits come from how easy they are to use and how easy they are to get up and running with. Caseware’s introduced Agile Audit, which is a fully online audit tool. It’s designed for all sizes of audits, it’s got smart procedures, smart checklist in there that help drive the auditor and get the work done. It’s also very easy to use, you don’t need a lot of IT requirements, it’s a simple browser-based tool. You can really use it from any web-enabled advice, obviously the bigger the device, the easier it is to use but really anything there. We also have built queries in that product, so you don’t even have to leave the product to send a request to the customer to get the information securely and safely, using our Caseware Cloud. Caseware Cloud has all the certifications you would think it needs to be safe, secure and to protect customer information and privacy. We also have AnalyticsAI which is a new Cloud tool that’s helping Auditors look at analytics in a different way to help with their audits. So that’s an efficiency thing as well. Caseware Cloud is also a secure portal, as I mentioned earlier, that you can use with Caseware Working Papers, the Xtend product. You can get safely, securely and intuitively, the information you need from your client to help you do the audits.