Cloud Apps Release Showcases Agile Audit and Cloud Financials

Mark your calendars, as the official release date is set for Thursday, 23 November 2023, and it promises to deliver critical inclusions that enhance efficiency and value.

Agile Audit: Empowering Auditors Worldwide

The Agile Audit platform has received a substantial upgrade, offering auditors an array of new capabilities. Auditors can now seamlessly create new engagements directly from existing ones, simplifying processes and saving valuable time. The Management Letter has also undergone a significant transformation, integrating critical Risk, Control, and Issues information to provide a comprehensive perspective on audit-related data. This transparency and organisation offer invaluable insights, benefiting auditors and stakeholders alike.

One standout feature of this release is the introduction of the planning balances trial balance import. This feature streamlines data handling, enabling the import of trial balances for planning purposes, thus enhancing the precision and efficiency of audit preparations. This innovative addition is poised to redefine the audit process, ensuring it is seamless and comprehensive.

Cloud Financials: Revolutionising Financial Management

Cloud Financials, a go-to solution for financial management, has taken a giant leap forward with its November 2023 release. Users will now have access to a year-on-year template based on content, providing an organised structure for financial data across multiple periods. This structural overhaul simplifies and streamlines financial reporting, making it more user-friendly and intuitive.

In a move that mirrors the agility of Agile Audit, Cloud Financials now allows users to create new engagements directly from existing ones, optimising workflow and ensuring that previous financial projects can be built upon with ease. Furthermore, accounting policies have been updated to align with AASB 101, focusing on presenting financial statements. This meticulous approach guarantees financial reports adhere to the most current and essential regulations.

As if these enhancements were not remarkable enough, additional formatting tools have been incorporated, empowering financial professionals to tailor reports and documents to their specifications. This level of customisation enhances the flexibility and versatility of Cloud Financials, making it an even more valuable resource.

Join Us for the Release Webinar

To fully comprehend the extensive inclusions and harness the potential of your Caseware tools, we invite you to attend our release webinar scheduled for 23 November from 12 to 1 pm. During this event, we will share examples of how to make the most of these new features, offering insights and tips as we discuss each new inclusion. 

As the release date draws nearer, we encourage you to mark your calendars and prepare for the upcoming webinar by registering through this link.