Day 1 Customer Conference Wrap Up

Head of Audit and Accounting at Caseware Australia & New Zealand, Sarah Butler gives her wrap up of day 1 on the 2020 Customer Conference.

Day 1 started off with an interesting presentation from the new Caseware International CEO, Matt Dodds, who dialed in from Toronto to join us live.  He walked through the positive changes that are being made there in regard to financial backing from HG and senior staffing appointments, and some of the exciting plans for future development.  Matt’s session was then followed by conference regular and Head of Innovation, Dwight Wainman.  His presentations are always entertaining and very interesting, and this year’s was no exception!

Then in the afternoon, Tim Lew (Audit Product Manager) and Thisara Perera (SMSF Audit Product Owner) gave us an update on their products, shared some valuable tips and tricks, and answered a number of questions from attendees.  The following are links to FAQs and resources that relate to the questions we received.

Audit System Acrobatics – Technical Session with Tim

During his session, Tim Lew (Audit Product Manager) reviewed some important Audit System update inclusions in relation to ASA 540, including the new IRAM (Inherent Risk Assessment) workpaper.  He also touched on some helpful features and tips, including:

  • Using dBase filters to list material balances only in leadsheets
  • Adding hyperlinks to procedure
  • Setting up engagement files to ensure compliance with ASA 330

Watch the recording here.

Additional resources and FAQs

SMSF Audit Semantics

The final session of the day saw Thisara Perera (Product Owner – SMSF Audit) demonstrating some of the new features available in the 2020 annual template release. This included improved import methods, transactions data within engagements and new content and optimisations within engagements. He also demonstrated how information can be sourced from clients via queries.

Watch the recording here.

Additional resources and FAQs

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