Day 2 Customer Conference Wrap Up

Head of Audit and Accounting at Caseware Australia & New Zealand, Sarah Butler gives her wrap up of day 2 on the 2020 Customer Conference.

Day 2 had a financials and cloud focus, and kicked off with a fantastic session from Carmen Ridley, our Financials Subject Matter Expert, on the changes to special purpose accounts, and the pros and cons to early adoption.  Then, Andreas Ong (Head of Development) gave us a sneak peek of the exciting new Cloud Financials that will be released next year, and Craig Waldon (CEO) then spent some time exploring the different Caseware working environments of desktop, hybrid and cloud.  The morning was then rounded out with Andreas and I covering a few aspects of Caseware Cloud that we get regular questions on.  

Then after a lunch break, we had 2 more product focused technical sessions – one from Joe Nagy (Product Owner – FinancialsIFRS) covering Financials template, and one from David Stansell (Manager – Customer Service) on Caseware Connector can be used to automate supporting workpapers and cut down on manual processes.  The following are links to FAQs and resources that relate to the questions we received.

Caseware Cloud – Clever Collaboration

In this session Andreas and Sarah talked about security, collaboration and utilising Caseware Cloud apps, and where we are heading with our Cloud solutions. The key topics covered were:

  • Azure AD Single Sign on feature to control staff access to Caseware Cloud 
  • Collaboration benefits of Caseware Xtend 
  • Cloud-based auditing with Agile Audit
  • Using Caseware Working Papers, Analytics AI and IDEA together in audit, to improve audit coverage and quality

General information on Caseware Xtend and Agile Audit can be found here on our website: 

Caseware Xtend

Caseware Agile Audit

Additional resources and FAQs

Watch the recording here

‘Fun’ with Financials – Technical Session

In this session, Joe highlighted the conversion requirements of financial statements from Special Purpose to General Purpose Simple Disclosure Standard by:

  • The addition of two new for-profit SDS entities
  • Discussing the pro’s and con’s of an automated v manual conversion process
  • New SDS Entity content that you need to be aware of.

He also demonstrated the use of the Styles and Formatting feature, pointed out a new review tool and outlined the new reconciliation tables that have been added to the template, to assist in validating balances between notes, or statements and notes, within the financial statements.

Additional resources and FAQs

‘Conduct’ with Connector

David rounded out the day with a very informative session on what can be done in both audit and management reporting contexts, using Caseware Connector in Microsoft Word and Excel.  He demonstrated how the add-in tool can be used to set up persistent links to live data points in Caseware Working Papers engagement files, in order to populate things like reports, letters, reconciliations and substantive testing workpapers. 

General information on Caseware Connector can be found here on our website: 

Caseware Connector

Additional resources and FAQs

Additional Conference Information

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