Day 3 Customer Conference Wrap Up

Head of Audit and Accounting at Caseware Australia & New Zealand, Sarah Butler gives her wrap up of day 3 on the 2020 Customer Conference.

The third and final day of the conference was devoted to Analytics, and the day started with a very interesting panel discussion on the use of analytics in Audit with Sarah Coulson (Industry Strategist) and Kevin Simon (AnalyticsAI Product Lead) from Caseware International, and Pauline Laidlaw (Manager – Analytics) from our Australian team.  This led into another couple of sessions with Pauline that focused on AnalyticsAI and Caseware IDEA respectively.

Then our conference finished with an insightful session co-hosted by Account Managers Stephen Lew and Denise Michel, who went through some great illustrations of Analytics in use by a couple of Caseware IDEA subscribers.

AnalyticsAI – A Deeper Dive

Pauline Laidlaw was joined by Kevin Simon to discuss the development of AnalyticsAI, data importing challenges and what we are developing to assist with this tricky part of the process. They delved deeper into the workflow of the App, demonstrating functionality such as using Client Queries to collaborate with clients, Importing XERO data and how to influence the risk-based analysis profile. Kevin rounded up the session providing some insights into what the future holds for AnalyticsAI. 

General information on Caseware AnalyticsAI can be found here on our website: 

Caseware AnalyticsAI

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Caseware IDEA – Version 11 Features

In this session Pauline took us on the journey of the updates and enhancements that IDEA 11 has seen over the last year since its release.  Introducing key new features such as CloudShare, Task Scheduler and the Enhanced Importing from Working Papers. She also highlighted the new Smart Audit Apps and the plugins now available on the IDEA Lab innovation portal. Some of the new features of the latest IDEA 11.2 release were demonstrated, such as the new automatic criteria creation which saves users the time and effort previously spent in manually writing custom formulas, new Publish and Share and lots more including a new fresh look and feel.

General information on Caseware IDEA can be found here on our website: 

Caseware IDEA

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Watch the recording here.

Customer Journeys with Analytics – Success Stories!

Stephen Lew and Denise Michel with the assistance of Chris Van Zyl from Liverpool City Council and Tristan Taylor from VJ Ryan & Co Servicems explored customer journeys with analytics. They explored why clients explore analytics, tips for implementing and overcoming challenges and tips for success. The main message from this session is that planning, telling your analytic stories to the business and clients to enhance buy in and product champions will help your journey. A big thank you to Chris and Tristan for all their assistance with this session, and their willingness to share such valuable insights!

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Watch the recording here.

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