Explained: the secure client portal on CaseWare Cloud

A classic client lament – getting information securely to their accountant or auditor…

A few years ago I started to use professional accounting services to assist me with my paperwork. I was surprised that there was no easy or secure way for me to send documents electronically to my accountant. I also found it difficult to send my queries directly to the accountant, since the email address given was the generic email address.

Do your clients have the same problem?

CaseWare Cloud has a Secure Client Portal where you can securely collaborate with your staff members and clients. Here are some of the collaboration features available in CaseWare Cloud.


What are activities used for? How can I use the system for internal, secure messages? Activities provides an alternative to other messaging mediums such as email, online chat or printed letters. Activities are stored, managed and secured from a central location, enabling greater control and access to communications with clients, as well as communications within an organization. Activities are organised for each Entity created within CaseWare Cloud.

  • Review the client activities from one screen
  • Use the filter function to narrow down the list to search for something specific

For each Activity, you can:

  • Attach files
  • Request files
  • Attach a hyperlink
  • Assign tasks
  • Create a due date against an activity
  • Comment or share an activity


Activities | Discussion

For each activity, a discussion (or thread) can be started.

  • Discuss items securely on the Cloud
  • Just between the staff members or involve the Client
  • Removes the need to cc everyone on the email


Activities | Task

You can designate a particular activity with a task component that needs action by a specific person (a team member, or a client). You can attach files to this ‘task’ activity, limit who gets to view it, and nominate a due date against it.

  • Assign a task to staff member (or group/team) and keep track of it
  • Collect discussions relevant to the task in the same thread, or dialog


Activities | File Request

  • Create a file request directly from CaseWare Cloud
  • Track the request directly in CaseWare Cloud
  • Two or more files uploaded at the same time will automatically be packaged into a .zip file.