Exporting Read-Only Copies of Cloud Engagement Files for External Reviews

Sharing comprehensive, review-ready documentation with external parties is crucial in accounting. Whether you’re undergoing a file review or collaborating with external auditors, ensuring they have access to a complete, read-only version of your Cloud engagement file is essential. This process is especially relevant for users of Caseware Cloud, including Agile Audit, Cloud Financials, or SMSF Audit.

A common scenario where this feature becomes vital is during external file reviews. Auditors often need to provide a complete snapshot of their engagement files, without risking unwanted alterations. By exporting a read-only copy from Caseware Cloud, auditors can seamlessly share a zipped folder containing all necessary documents. This folder includes non-editable PDFs of workpapers and screens, along with external files in their original formats, maintaining the integrity and consistency of the audit trail.

Additionally, for those transitioning away from Caseware Cloud or changing their subscription status, this feature ensures a smooth and secure transfer of critical files. It allows auditors to retain a comprehensive record of their work, safeguarding against data loss and ensuring continuity in their audit processes.

In summary, exporting read-only copies from Caseware Cloud is an invaluable tool for auditors needing to share or preserve thorough documentation of their engagement files. To learn how to perform this simple yet crucial process, refer to our step-by-step guide.