Spotlight on Innovation: Andreas Ong’s Journey from PwC to MVP at Caseware Australia

Meet Andreas Ong, the driving force behind Caseware Australia’s cutting-edge solutions and recipient of the MVP award winner within the company for November. 

Andreas has been an integral part of Caseware Australia, joining us almost two decades ago from PwC. From building Financial Statements solutions for corporate clients to leading the charge as the Head of Development at Caseware Australia, Andreas navigated the intricate landscape of technology and innovation with incredible skills and dedication. This month, he was awarded MVP for his commitment and tireless effort in helping build and position a significant stat reporting project. His peers recognised him for being always available, setting and managing clear expectations and being a great collaborator and problem-solver.  

Find out how a childhood fascination with McGyver’s ingenuity shaped a mindset of tinkering and experimentation. Explore the core principles that drive Andreas’ approach to crafting solutions – simplicity and user-friendliness. Andreas’ journey is a testament to professional growth and an inspiring tale of innovation in action. Read on to discover the secrets behind the MVP’s success and the fascinating world of product development at Caseware Australia.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I have been working with the Caseware Working Papers application since 2005. My career started as a PwC Australia ValueFinancials team graduate, building Financial Statements solutions for corporate clients.

I worked my way to manager until I joined Caseware Australia when the ValueFinancials division was closed. I started as the technical manager for the Caseware Working Papers application, working through all the new technology up to where I am now as the head of development.

What I like about Caseware Australia is the team I am privileged to work with. We are a big family building something great together. I also enjoyed working from home with occasional trips to the Melbourne office. Working with Caseware has also helped me grow my knowledge by learning new technologies like Caseware Cloud and Cloud Solutions.  

What led you to product/solutions development, and how has your background shaped your approach to creating innovative solutions?

Thanks to the help from one of my church friend, who was able to recommend me through the internal referrals program, which allowed me to start my career in solutions development.

I was always fascinated by the TV series MacGyver, which led me to tinker with things. The TV series shaped my approach to innovative solutions. Fiddling and experimenting usually help me discover a better and more efficient way of doing things. 

How do you stay informed about industry trends and emerging technologies, and how do you use this knowledge in your work?

I am always guided by subject matter experts, in this case, Carmen Ridley. Carmen’s extensive knowledge has allowed me to see our solutions in a different light, not as software but as tools that will enable users to manage their practices more efficiently and effectively. 

The NIHITO principle, which stands for Nothing Important Happens in the Office, is the foundation of our philosophy in developing products. Understanding the customer’s challenges and being on top of the reporting standards changes, which are sometimes quite complex, has allowed us to create solutions that have positively impacted our customer’s processes.

I collaborate with the Caseware development team on the technology side and connect the dots from a customer need perspective and technology capabilities. 

What fundamental principles guide your approach to creating successful solutions, and how do you ensure the users’ needs are at the forefront of your solutions process?

It should be simple and easy to use. I always ensure that anyone with the proper knowledge can pick up and use our solutions. For example, someone experienced with Financial Statement preparation can easily pick up the product and start using it with minimal training.

If you could design a product that solves a problem you face every day, what would it be and why? 

I am keen to design a product that can double your money daily. How amazing would it be to grow your dollar to $1 million in 20 days and to $1 billion in 30 days?!