The CwX APAC 2023 date is set, promises exciting insights and innovation for attendees

The excitement builds as Caseware’s first-ever virtual conference for the Asia Pacific region, CwX APAC 2023, scheduled for 28-29 November, promises to be a valuable experience of knowledge-sharing and innovation. This event is a game-changer for accounting and audit professionals, uniting them virtually to explore modern finance, tech, and the global market. The conference aims to equip professionals with valuable insights that allow them to excel in their respective fields and confidently navigate evolving industry challenges.

“Technological advancements, combined with global connections in the industry, are driving demand for adaptable strategies and innovative approaches,” says Sarah Butler, Caseware Asia Pacific’s Head of Product. This event allows participants to dig into the immediate challenges facing today’s accounting and audit world and discover practical solutions that can propel their organisations forward.

The complexities and details of the current accounting and audit landscape take centre stage. Attendees will interact with industry leaders and experts, gaining insights into how to address key challenges head-on. From gaining a better understanding of key legislation and requirements to navigating the dynamic shifts in global markets, participants will uncover strategies that allow them to take confident leadership roles in this dynamic environment.

Audit and accounting graduates, are they ready for the big bad world?

One of the pivotal themes at this conference is the readiness of audit and accounting professionals for the impending challenges. Guest speaker Wayne Coatzee, a Teaching Fellow from the University of Melbourne, delves into industry transformations and assesses accounting graduates’ readiness for 21st-century finance challenges. Wayne will discuss the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to excel in an era of disruptive technologies and rapid changes.

“Innovation is the driving force behind progress, and the CwX Asia Pacific Conference ensures participants are well-informed about the technological innovations shaping the future of accounting and audit,” says Andreas Ong, Caseware Asia Pacific’s Head of Development. The conference promises a comprehensive exploration of the latest innovations making waves in the industry. From cloud solutions and data analytics to automation, attendees will see firsthand how these advancements can streamline processes, enhance accuracy, and improve decision-making.

More speakers and topics to be announced soon

An exciting lineup of topics and notable presenters will be announced soon, but what’s worth noting is that this conference promises to focus on actionable insights. Participants will learn more than theoretical concepts; they’ll leave with a practical understanding of how to apply these insights to their organisations. By delving into real-world experiences and practical examples, attendees will acquire the tools to drive tangible results within their teams and organisations.

The conference introduces a dynamic platform for learning and networking through its virtual format. The online setup breaks down geographical barriers, allowing professionals from Asia Pacific to connect, share ideas, and build valuable connections. Attendees can engage with fellow professionals and interact with speakers, all from the comfort of their workspace. Additionally, accounting and audit professionals looking to add CPD credits can earn them by attending this two-day virtual conference.

Register your interest

The CwX APAC’s official webpage is the go-to destination for those interested in this exciting journey. The CwX Asia Pacific Conference is a fantastic opportunity for professionals to navigate complexities, embrace innovation, and equip themselves for a future of growth and success.

Networking Breakfast in Sydney and Melbourne concludes the conference with Caseware customers invited to participate. For more information on how to join the networking breakfast, please email us at or