Helpful resources from CwX Australia Day 2

It was another great day at CwX Australia!

Day 2 included product specific sessions from our Caseware Australia & New Zealand staff as well as Thematic Roadmaps with Scott Epstein and Cloud Security with Nitin Chopra. This page will serve as a one stop shop for all of the helpful resources that were shared throughout the day.


Thematic Roadmaps

Caseware Sherlock Product Page – This page includes features, benefits, blogs and even an eBook to assist in your understanding of how Sherlock can assist your firm.

Live: Sherlock Product Demonstration – Register for a live product demonstration for Caseware Sherlock. We have two dates currently available prior to Christmas and we will be holding more live demonstrations ahead of the release date early in 2023.

Cloud Security – This is the security awareness training that Nitin Chopra referred to in his session as a good resource for training your team.

Caseware Cloud Data, Security and Assurance FAQ – A list of commonly asked questions surrounding the security of Caseware Cloud.

Caseware Cloud Security Compliance – This resource outlines the Caseware Cloud certifications, and what they mean.

Caseware SQM

Caseware SQM Product Page – This page includes features, benefits, blogs and even an eBook to assist in your understanding of how SQM can help you comply with ASQM 1.

Knowledge Webinar: Getting started with ASQM 1 on Caseware SQM – Join us on February 23 at 12:00-1:00PM

Preparing your firm for ASQM 1 – Whitepaper outlining ASQM 1 and how you can comply

Caseware IDEA

Recording: IDEA – Exploring Smart Audit Apps – View the recording of our recent knowledge webinar where Pauline Laidlaw explores the Smart Audit Apps available to assist with your analytics.

Recording: IDEA – Getting Started with your Audit Analytics – Another recent knowledge webinar for our IDEA users.

REGISTER: Knowledge Webinar – Using the Library and Managing Library Files

Audit Update

Audit System

Staff update guide (update method 1)

Create New File and Import Data (update method 2)

Expectations with the October 2022 update (Important!)

Audit System document and procedure updates

What’s New in Audit System?

Agile Audit

Expectations with Agile November 2022 update (Important!)

What’s New in Agile Audit?

If you have any questions about content from day 2 of CwX Australia, please reach out to with your enquiry.